Laying of steel cords, Splicing Supervisor and 3D splice design

Splicing service

CBG offers reliable splicing personnel and highly experienced splicing supervision engineers for even the most demanding tasks.

For splicing services we kindly ask you to send us send an e-mail to, describing the work you are looking for as precise as possible.

For general splicing instructions we recommend to visit the

Vulcanizer and controller

Mobile vulcanizing machines

In addition to our core product lines - monitoring equipment and conveyor belts - we offer vulcanizing machines with a light weight structure with separable components, made of  high-grade extruded aluminium alloy. This is an important advantage if a splicing station is located in a difficult terrain or in an unfavourable position.

The vulcanizing pressure suits all carcass and cover constructions.

Specially designed tubular Ni-Cr ceramic heating elements ensure rapid and uniform, automatically controlled heating.

Hydraulic and manual pressure systems for up to 140 N/cm² and modern temperature control systems are available. The heating platens can be cooled down to 80°C within 10-15 minutes.

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