CBGuard with safety fence

Virtually no additional radiation from CBGuard Life Extender

To use a CBGuard Life Extender is safe.

The system basically consists of an X-ray generator with tube, a receiver and a control unit. It uses an X-ray generator to produce artificial X-ray energy from electricity. The X-ray beam penetrates the conveyor belt and impinges on the detection board, which will form a grey-scale photograph based on different absorptions of the conveyor belt areas. This happens millions of times with a running belt.

The radiation source is insulated. A safety zone with a fence at approx. 2 m distance around the unit needs to be provided. Beyond this fence, the radiation is less than 1 µSv/h (microSievert per hour).

There is an interlocking system on the doors of the fence and the CBGuard cabinet. Once doors are opened, the generator will be switched off. The CBGuard itself is equipped with several safety devices. The system can only be started if a unique dongle and passwords are applied.

Latest model, X6, with air conditioning and thickness measuring lasers

The CBGuard does not contain any natural radionuclide material!

Kindly contact us for information on personnel qualification and official approvals for your country.

Safety fence around a CBGuard in an overland conveyor
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