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CBGuard - The ultimate complete conveyor belt monitoring system

A CBGuard scanner with the belt passing through it.
Outstanding conveyor belt safety and efficiency

Conveyor belts are exposed to high loads and dangers. Apart from countless bending cycles, the belts suffer from permanent material loading impact, from worn, failing or wrongly adjusted conveyor parts, from entrapped objects and from normal ageing.

It is essential to detect damage as soon as it occurs so that action can be taken before it worsens.

Having a conveyor belt surveyed during normal operation by the pioneering CBGuard Life Extender scanning system will deliver precise real-time information about the condition of all of the belt's components.

Virtually every cubic millimeter of the conveyor belt is captured online.
The CBGuard is recording all data, and comparing it with target values. If a deficiency exceeds the preset threshold, the system will automatically trigger a customized reaction.
A steel cord conveyor belt

Complete knowledge of conveyor belt condition

The software generates a complete analysis of all threats to the belt.

Visually undetectable damages, for instance broken or corroded steel cords, are captured by the CBGuard at an early stage, so that they can be remedied in good time.

Irregularities like holes, delaminations, foreign objects, belt slippage, protruding cords, edge damage, abnormal cover wear, even insufficient belt cleaning, are automatically marked and signalled.

CBGuard's smart software not only generates, from its continuous assessment, a live video with marked deficiencies of the belt, but also tells you exactly what kind of damage it is, how severe it is and where it is.

A video can be played at any time at any speed, reproducing the entire, high-resolution image of the belt.
A detailed inspection report showing all defects can be printed whenever you wish. 

The condition of the belt can be observed from any place in the world in real-time over the internet.

No other method available today delivers such a wealth of precise information about every detail of a conveyor belt.

The CBGuard is processing a huge amount of data, which is very useful with regard to Big Data analyses.

Torn belt after splice opening

Preventing disastrous consequences of splice failures

As the weakest parts in conveyor belts, splices put a higher risk on your operation, with possible dramatic consequences.

The CBGuard Life Extender is scanning all of the splices. Each splice in a belt is individually recognized in the database and compared with the target condition.

Any deviation from the desired splice condition will automatically trigger an alarm or even stop the conveyor, for instance in case of threatening failures and opening of a splice.
Through timely detection of such degradations, severe accidents can be prevented.

Discharge of a conveyor belt

Reducing costs

The CBGuard Life Extender is providing precise diagnoses, avoiding premature replacement of the belt due to assumed deficiencies. The belt can be operated up to its real safe limit.

Damages can be eliminated opportunely - avoiding costly downtime of the conveying system and worsening of the damage. Repairs can be performed at the optimum point of time; not unnecessarily early and not too late, as would happen as the result of visual evaluation.

The CBGuard Life Extender is an important part of the mine's or plant's predictive maintenance programme.
It can be integrated into the Industrial Internet of Things. In combination with other elements of the logistical chain, the optimal time for the next maintenance stop can be scheduled.

The additional laser module CBGauge can measure the exact belt thickness and yield timely information about the upcoming need for a replacement belt.

If it is intended to refurbish conveyor belts, the optimum time for doing this, as well as the eligible segments, can be determined by the CBGuard.

On demand, our conveyor belt experts will provide a summary of the overall condition of the conveyor belt, and suggest how to improve operations.

CBGuard has proven its reliability and efficiency in more than 300 conveyor systems.

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CBGuard Life Extender
An essential upgrade for important conveyor belts.

Brochure download in many languages
A CBGuard scanner with the belt passing through it.
A steel cord conveyor belt
Torn belt after splice opening
Discharge of a conveyor belt
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