Minimal maintenance needed

The CBGuard Life Extender is very easy to use and almost free of routine maintenance.

The CBGuard can be operated continuously 24/7, or for one belt revolution every day, week or month, or whenever the conveyor is in use. It will automatically start and finish such complete cycle inspection and produce a report, listing the belt deficiencies.

The CBGuard Life Extender is suited for conveyor belt widths of up to 3200 mm, a maximum thickness of 60 mm, a maximum speed of 9 m/s, and for virtually any length.

The scanner is almost wear-free, because it neither has moving parts nor contact with the belt.

The normal lifetime of the X-ray tube is limited. The software will signal in time when it is about to be replaced. It is easy and safe to replace the generator module with the tube, because there is no radiation when it is switched off. A special air conditioning system inside the CBGuard X6 keeps the tube at an optimum temperature for an extension of its lifetime.

The software can easily be updated over the internet.

We will provide detailed Operation and Maintenance Manuals along with the CBGuard Life Extender, and assist you with all questions that may arise.

A CBGuard in an overland conveyor
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